If you knew a little more about the new CEO




Other execs negotiated sweet deals to take new jobs or renew their contracts.



Many Americans face the painful task of relocating when they take a new job; incoming Advance Auto parts (AAP, news, msgs) chief Darren Jackson didn't. Before starting his job in early January, he persuaded the company to open offices near his Minnesota home so he wouldn't have to commute to the company's Roanoke, Va., headquarters.



The Minnesota offices won't be finished until June. Until then, Jackson can use a corporate jet to commute -- when he isn't working from home.



If you knew a little more about the new CEO, Darren Jackson, you would figure out that he has earned everything he has received. He comes from a blue collar family located in Western Michigan. His dad was a mail carrier for 30 years and his mom was a secretary. I know for a fact that his office at Best Buy was located on the financial floor and not on the executive floor at the company. So, slumming as you call it, doesn't seem to bother him.



Not to mention, how many times have you uprooted your family to relocate. Mr. Jackson has already done it twice. Both times half way across the country.



Also, didn't you not read the entire article where he is setting aside 3 million dollars of his bonus for incentives to lower management. If greed was his thing then he would keep it all



Well, all I can say proudly that my last day with Advance Auto Parts will more than definitely be June 20th, as we are moving to a new location! I've decided that despite there being an Advance Auto Parts a few miles down the road, that I'm proudly leaving my "career" with Advance Auto Parts behind.




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