If you knew a little more about the new CEO




Other execs negotiated sweet deals to take new jobs or renew their contracts.



Many Americans face the painful task of relocating when they take a new job; incoming Advance Auto parts (AAP, news, msgs) chief Darren Jackson didn't. Before starting his job in early January, he persuaded the company to open offices near his Minnesota home so he wouldn't have to commute to the company's Roanoke, Va., headquarters.



The Minnesota offices won't be finished until June. Until then, Jackson can use a corporate jet to commute -- when he isn't working from home.



If you knew a little more about the new CEO, Darren Jackson, you would figure out that he has earned everything he has received. He comes from a blue collar family located in Western Michigan. His dad was a mail carrier for 30 years and his mom was a secretary. I know for a fact that his office at Best Buy was located on the financial floor and not on the executive floor at the company. So, slumming as you call it, doesn't seem to bother him.



Not to mention, how many times have you uprooted your family to relocate. Mr. Jackson has already done it twice. Both times half way across the country.



Also, didn't you not read the entire article where he is setting aside 3 million dollars of his bonus for incentives to lower management. If greed was his thing then he would keep it all



Well, all I can say proudly that my last day with Advance Auto Parts will more than definitely be June 20th, as we are moving to a new location! I've decided that despite there being an Advance Auto Parts a few miles down the road, that I'm proudly leaving my "career" with Advance Auto Parts behind.




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Auto Parts Industry at china




Benefitting from the rapid development of the automotive industry, China’s Auto parts industry has witnessed increasingly fast development in recent years. China’s auto parts and accessories manufacturing industry realized a total industrial output value of RMB1.0822 trillion in 2009, up 20.39% year-on-year. In Feb., 2010, the number of auto parts manufacturers above designated size (i.e. with annual sales revenue exceeding RMB 5 million) rose to 10,788, and the number of employees also exceeded two million, both were better than the year of 2009.



From the perspective of product, foreign brands mainly dominate the fields such as auto glass, auto tires and car audio. In 2009, among the top five car glass OEMs by market share, three were foreign brands; and of the top five auto tire and car audio manufacturers by original market shipment, four were foreign brands as well. However, auto engine was mainly domestically produced, and the top five auto engine manufacturers by sales were Yuchai, Dong’an Auto Engine, Weichai Power, Dongfeng Cummins and Shanghai Diesel Engine, only Dongfeng Cummins was a Sino-foreign joint venture.




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we are now going with a mix of 30% full time and 70% part time employees at store level.


Advance Auto Parts is a horrible place to work. This is a company that has policies in place that promote “ Inspire, Serve & Grow“, in addition to “Honesty Pays”(this program was put in place to pay individuals to report alleged theft by employees.) The reality is a company driven through discrimination (especially minorities including women and customers alike), intimidation, deceit and the “Good‘ol Boys Club.” Locations that reside within “At-Will” states appear to be time portals that take you back to 1862. Management blatantly parade about, justifying their treatment of individuals with “At Will State” so as to ensure employees understand procedures. Should one attempt to follow the chain of command for legitimate concerns that can be backed by their own employee handbook, will be immediately labeled and brought full circle due to the level that these behaviors go. If one attempts to contact the “Team Member Hotline”, they will be directed to a outsource HR department that submit’s the complaint. You will then be contacted by the Actual Advance Auto parts HR department which will be conducted as an interrogation to debug and find proof that can not be disputed in court. At this point, termination will soon follow, backed by false and fabricated reasons.




These statements can appear to be harsh, but a modest search online will bring to light a pattern of conduct. It leaves one to think of how many other friendly faced companies conduct business like this in At-Will states?



This place is a damned joke, and they will get what they deserve when the stock price starts to fall once again, no one at the store level cares about selling your shitty assed item of the month,or any of the stupid acronyms. Why not get back to being a pretty good parts store and stop selling all the BS crappy China made parts? That would be too hard to do,not enough great team members left after the layoffs in Florida



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